New Junior Fiction RSS feed for public list New Junior Fiction A dog-friendly town / by Cameron, Josephine, A hero's guide to deadly dragons / by Cowell, Cressida. A pinch of magic / by Harrison, Michelle, A wonderlandiful world / by Hale, Shannon, Abby in Oz / by Mlynowski, Sarah, Adventures from the Land of Stories: The Mother Goose Diaries / by Colfer, Chris, Agent Moose / by O'Hara, Mo, Anna Sewell's Black Beauty : by Brigman, June. Anna Sewell's Black Beauty: by Owens, L.L. Behind the bit / by Burkhart, Jessica. Best enemies / by Burkhart, Jessica Boy-crazy Stacey / by Martin, Ann M. , Brave like that / by Stoddard, Lindsey, Chasing blue / by Burkhart, Jessica. City secrets / by Burkhart, Jessica. Claudia and mean Janine / by Telgemeier, Raina , Comeback / by Burkhart, Jessica. Connect the dots / by Calabrese, Keith, Coop knows the scoop / by Souders, Taryn, Darkstalker / by Sutherland, Tui, Dawn and the Impossible Three : by Galligan, Gale, Dragonslayer / by Sutherland, Tui, Elite ambition / by Burkhart, Jessica. Giants beware! / by Aguirre, Jorge. Grime and punishment / by Pilkey, Dav, Home sweet drama / by Burkhart, Jessica. Homecoming / by Morgan, Alex How to cheat a dragon's curse / by Cowell, Cressida. How to speak Dragonese / by Cowell, Cressida. How to twist a dragon's tale / by Cowell, Cressida. Initiation / by Burkhart, Jessica. Island of Dragons : by Stilton, Geronimo, Kristy's big day / by Galligan, Gale, Kristy's great idea : by Martin, Ann M., Little white lies / by Burkhart, Jessica. Logan likes Mary Anne! / by Galligan, Gale, Magic in the mix / by Barrows, Annie. Mary Anne saves the day / by Telgemeier, Raina , Masquerade / by Burkhart, Jessica. No Ballet Shoes in Syria. by Bruton, Catherine. Paws for a cause / by May, Kyla, Popular / by Burkhart, Jessica. Pug blasts off / by May, Kyla, Pug's snow day / by May, Kyla, Rival revenge / by Burkhart, Jessica. Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly adventure / by Kinney, Jeff, Scandals, rumors, lies / by Burkhart, Jessica. Take the reins / by Burkhart, Jessica. The bad guys in Dawn of the underlord / by Blabey, Aaron, The G-man super journal : by Giarrusso, Chris, The last kids on Earth and the Nightmare King / by Brallier, Max, The nerviest girl in the world / by Wiley, Melissa, The one and only Bob / by Applegate, Katherine, The Phoenix of Destiny : by Stilton, Geronimo, The Silver Arrow / by Grossman, Lev, The storybook of legends / by Hale, Shannon The truth about Stacey / by Telgemeier, Raina, The unfairest of them all / by Hale, Shannon Things seen from above / by Pearsall, Shelley, Triple fault / by Burkhart, Jessica. Unfriendly competition / by Burkhart, Jessica. War stories / by Korman, Gordon, We dream of space / by Kelly, Erin Entrada, Wink : by Harrell, Rob,